I am from Kansas City and currently living in Salt Lake City going to school at the University of Utah. At the U I am majoring in Film and Media Arts with a Minor in Political Science. I have been in the industry for over 7 years now. My passion for the art first started as a love for photography. In high school, I won 1 gold key and 10 honorable mentions in the scholastic art and writing competition. Soon after my passion grew from photography to Film. 
I am super grateful for my accomplishments and want to thank everyone who has helped me get to where I am.
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At a young age, I was obsessed with video. I started my journey in middle school with a knockoff GoPro I saved up for. From there My obsession grew deeper and as my skill level increased I upgraded my gear. By High school, I had my own DSLR camera. Before owning a DSLR I never did Paid projects. However, After buying a DSLR I was opened to a whole new market. I started by emailing companies around the world offering my service. As my portfolio grew in product photography I then branched out to taking portraits.    
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Throughout High School I had no Idea where I was going with film Until Senior Year. In the last year of High School I got involved with my schools broadcasting team. Through the class I was able to learn and grow as a filmmaker. I finally decided I was going to pursue film in College. 
Freshman year of college I worked on campaign videos for student Elections. Sophomore year I began an Internship with the University of Utah Athletics Department where I was given the opportunity to film for all of the University D1 teams. 
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Creating Value
After my time at Utah Athletics, I began a career in freelance filmmaking. I started working with local small or student-run companies and offering them my film Services. I strive to add value and help other small companies grow. In today's online world film has become more important than ever as people watch the content I create on various social media platforms and influences the products and services they buy. 
After College
After I graduate college in May 2024 I am seeking a career in content creation/social media management where I hope to continue to help companies grow with my talent in film.
To be continued...
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